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"& Graphic Design Studio” was established by two Hungarian designers – Zsófia (Sophie) Magyari-Ésik & László (Laslo) Svajer – and an experienced marketing expert and webprogrammer, István (Steve) Oláh. Our studio's aim to provide considered, finely wrought projects for every customers of us and react supplely to all individual demands of them.

We can undertake pure manual and total digital works, however – according to necessity – we can mix the two worlds bravely. We are experienced in such graphics design tasks as logo design, corporate identity, advertisement and presentation design, illustration, photography and package-design.

We are open to design onto any online surface, including website, mobile app, game, one-pager, webshop, landing page, Facebook cover, newsletter or graphic materials of online campaigns. Beside the graphic design, we can help you in the webprogramming as well.

Our service portfolio has expanded, we have already dealt with 3D graphic design. We can undertake the making of simpler animations, illustrations, characters. We are open to work with interior designer, -decorator in the task of creating plan view. Our special fields: modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering (Autodesk Maya + Mental Ray).

We take part in bigger projects with pleasure, where designing to several surfaces, managing complex tasks and co-production are needed in one work. Through our partners we can realize the whole project, including the production as well. We can cope with the most extreme demands, we like creating useful result from the most soaring ideas as well.

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